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Paradise hair & beauty Salon in San Pedro de Alcántara, Marbella has over 25 years of experience in the hair and beauty industry.

The services available range from hair design, hair removal, head massages and hair extensions to full body massages, threading, bridal make up and so much more!

Please come in for a visit to our salon and a free consult on what we can offer you so you can feel healthy, happy and above all beautiful!

Our Services

What is threading? Is it painful?

Threading is an ancient hair removal technique originating in India, which has become very popular in the western countries. It is better than waxing or tweezing. By far, it is the least invasive method of facial hair removal.

Threading creates a more defined, precise, clean-cut edge for the eyebrows to help frame the face. This technique is performed by your technician using a specific cotton thread to give you that perfect eyebrow shape. It can be used for lips, sideburns and full face.

Eyebrow Shaping (from) 8.00 €
Upperlip 6.00 €
Forehead 6.00 €
Upperlip and Chin 8.00 €
Eyebrow and Upperlip 13.00 €
Full Face including Eyebrow 20.00 €


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Are your eyebrows disappearing before you? Do you need to curl your lashes everyday? Do you need length and volume?

Regardless of how short or long your eyelashes are, if they don’t naturally sweep upwards, then they are highly likely to look shorter than they really are. Perming lashes to encourage a gentle curl will instantly length and create the illusion of bigger, brighter ultra feminine eyes.

Eyelash perm is a face-enhancing treatment designed to give straight lashes an attractive upwards curl without daily need for eyelash curling. It is ideal of parties, weddings, proms and photo shoots which last up to 4-6 weeks. For an improved effect, tint may be applied directly, after, to help enhance them even more.

Would you like a second ear piercing? Or does your little girl want to wear earrings? Then, we can help.


Eyelash Tint (from) 15.00 €
Eyelash & Brow Tint 20.00 €
Eyelash Perm 40.00 €
Eyelash Perm & Tint 45.00 €
Eyebrow Tint 8.00€ €
Eyebrow Tint & Wax 16.00€ €
Ear Piercing 35.00€ €
Ear Candling 35.00€ €

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Are you losing your eyelashes?

Eyelash extension is a technique, which enhances the natural lashes to help lengthen, thicken and to give volume. The extensions may consist of silk, milk or synthetic hair. Methods of application include individual (one by one) clusters or strips. Eyelash extension creates eyelashes that remain on for 3-4 weeks. They are waterproof and give the appearance of having mascara on, without messy clumps and smudges. You can have from natural to glamour to dramatic.


Eyelash Extensions Full set (silk) (from) 80.00 €
Eyelash Extensions Full set (mink) 120.00 €
3D Volume lashes Full set 100.00 €
Eyelash Infill 50.00 – 80.00€ €
Eyelash Removal 10.00€ €

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Put down the razors. There is an alternative, better longer-lasting method of removing body hair. It is a semi-permanent method to remove hair from the roots. Almost any part of the body can be waxed. There were two types of waxing: soft wax, which uses paper strips to remove hair or hard wax which is applied warm directly onto the skin, cooled and then removed. Waxing can last up to 4-6 weeks.

Get that smooth clean feel for days and weeks. Once you waxed, you will never touch that razor again.

We also provide waxing for men.


Full Leg (from) 24.00 €
¾ Legs 20.00 €
Half Leg 16.00 €
Full Arm 16.00 €
Half Arm 12.00 €
Bikini Line 12.00 €
Brazilian 15.00 €
Hollywood 23.00 €
Underarms 8.00 €
Nose or Ears 5.00 €
Full body waxing 10% Discount
Men´s Back Desde 30.00 €
Men´s Chest 30.00 €
Men´s Back & Chest 50.00 €


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Do you hands feel ugly? Are your nails short, brittle and crumbling? Do you long to have long nails and pretty hands?

Then, please look at our options to give that perfect manicured hands and feet.

Do your feet upset you or hurt you? Do you suffer from ingrowing toenails, hard skin, corns or calluses? Then, book in for a luxury pedicure treatment whilst having a back massage and walk out with spring under your feet.


Manicure (from) 20.00 €
Manicure with French 25.00 €
Manicure & Shellac 38.00 €
Manicure & Shellac with French 43.00 €
Manicure & Vinylux 23.00 €
Manicure & Vinylux with French 28.00 €
Manicure & Paraffin Wax 28.00 €
File and Polish 10.00 €
File & Polish with Vinylux 13.00 €
File & Polish Vinylux with French 18.00 €
Re-vanish French 15.00 €
Shellac or Gel Polish 28.00 €
Shellac Removal 8.00 €
Pedicure 30.00 €
Pedicure Spa (Massage, Jacuzzi, Mask and Paraffin) 50.00 €
Pedicure with Shellac 58.00 €
Pedicure with Vinylux 33.00 €
Pedicure with Parrafin Wax 38.00 €
Paraffin Hands or Feet 10.00 €


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Are your nails short, brittle and crumbling? Do you long to have long nails and pretty hands?

There are three techniques to enhance your nails: acrylic, gel, and silk/fiber. Your nails can be sculpted, tipped or overlaid to strengthen your own nails.

Acrylic is a liquid and powder technique.

Gel is silicon based which is cured under a UV light

Silk/Fiber: a woven strip is cut into shape to fit your nail. The strip is then covered in resin and sprayed with activator, which hardens. Knowing your nails looked well groomed and polished will make your feel sexier.

Your hands are your “jewels.” So, get your perfect manicured hands!


Full Set Infill
Acrylic or gel nails (from) 55.00 € 40.00 €
Acrylic or Gel with french 65.00 € 50.00 €
Acrylic with Shellac 80.00 €
Pedicure Acrylic with French 80.00 €
Nail Repair 6.00 €
Nail Art, Decorations or Diamonds From 5 €

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We specialize in our facials. We offer Ayurvedic facials, Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion and Oxygen facials.

Ayurvedic facials use nature’s natural plants and herbs. Translated, it means “life knowing of science of life.” They are known to give the best for all skin types. It is not only a herbal therapy which makes sure that your skin does not erupt, but it also cleanses your skin deep and makes it smooth and soft. It leaves your skin feeling cleansed, nourished and glowing.

We use the best in Ayurvedic products.

Deep cleanse (from) 45 €
Gold Facial 55 €
Organic Facial 65 €
ORadio Frequency 45 € 30 min

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“The celebrity’s favorite treatment”

Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion is a clinically proven and celebrated skin-resurfacing treatment that offers flawless results for problem skin, pigmentation, lines and wrinkles, acne, acne scaring, sun-damaged skin, anti aging and stretch marks. It is proven to dramatically and visibly improve the tone, texture and appearance of the skin. It reduces and smoothes lines and wrinkles, leaving the skin feeling rejuvenated and radiant.

Gone is a lifeless, dull, tired look replaced with a dewy, rosy complexion.

Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion Ideal for Acne, Pigmentation, Sun Damaged, Black heads, Milias, Anti-Ageing, Fine Lines & Wrinkles (from) 65 € 1hr.
Crystal Clear Oxygen Helps to Plump out Fine Lines & Wrinkles. Feeds the skin with Oxygen to stop the Ageing Process 70 € 1hr.
Crystal Deluxe Combination of Microdermabrasion and Oxygen together 100 € 1hr. 30min
Photorejuvenation 80 €


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Do you spent long hours in front of the computer? Are you on your feet all day? Are your back and shoulders in knots, as a result? Do you suffer from sciatica or lumbago? Do you suffer with water retention? Or do you just want to come in to destress and relax?

Our therapist use aromatherapy oils to suit your needs. Whether you want to slim, tone, lift, detox, relax or rejuvenate, we have an option for everyone.

We also specialize in Indian head massage and reflexology.


Indian Head Massage (from) 30 min 30 €
Back and Shoulder 30 min 30 €
Back and Shoulder Sports, Lymphatic Drainage, Deep tissue 1 hr. 50 €
Sports, Lymphatic Drainage, Deep tissue 1 hr. 65 €
Cellulite Massage 30 min 35 €
Reflexology 40 min 45 €
Body Exfoliation 30 min 30 €
Body Wrapping with Chocolate includes
body massage, mask and body exfoliation
1 hr 30 min 65 €


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Going somewhere special? Not sure how to do your makeup?Confused what colours go where? Do you need to have a makeover for a themed party, wedding, special occasion or just getting ready to go out?

Then, our makeup artists show your and guide you to get that perfect makeover.


Bridal Makeup (from) From 50 €
Party Makeup From 25 €


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“Won’t smudge, smear or rub”

Permanent makeup is a cosmetic technique, which is a means of producing designs that resemble makeup such as: eyeliner, eyebrows and lips.

It holds the promise that you can work all day, go to the gym or for swimming, dance all night and wake up in the morning with your makeup still in place. In the hands of a skilled, qualified therapist the procedure is completely safe.

Our specialty is to enhance your appearance by working with colours and designs, to blend naturally with your skin tone. Permanent makeup will add balance to your face and give you the confidence that comes with it. It is ideal for people who are losing their eyebrows or hairlines and alopecia.

Men, you too, can have this procedure!

The price below includes retouch after 1 month.

Eyebrows (from) 250 €
Eyeliner 350 €
Lips 250 €

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Say “hello” to smooth, sexy skin.

Laser hair removal is a process of removing unwanted hair by means of exposure to pulses or laser light that destroys the hair follicle. This method is completely safe and efficient.

It is a slow but effective way to remove body hair. The shedding of the hair takes between 2-3 weeks.

No more bumps, stubble or irritation.

Upper lips + Chin (from) 35 € 9€ Discount
Chest + Abdomen 90 € 10€ Discount
Full Legs, Bikini & Underarms 100 € 30€ Discount
Bikini & Underarms 60 € 30€ Discount
Hollywood & Underarms 80 € 20€ Discount
Upper Lips 15 €
Chin 29 €
Sideburns 20 €
Eyebrow Middle 10 €
FullFace 50 €
Underarms 40 €
Arms 90 €
Hands 25 €
Neck 30 €
Shoulder 50 €
Chest 50 €
Abdomen 50 €
Back & Shoulder 120 €
Full Back 120 €
Bikini Line 50 €
Hollywood 60 €
Full Legs 120 €
Half Legs 90 €
Buttocks 50 €
Buttocks Line 20 €
Abdomen Line 20 €
Nipple Arga 19 €
Feet & Toes 19 €


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Is the sun to hot for you? Do you want that golden bronze look without getting too hot? Are you bored while trying to get a tan? Do you struggle to get that tan?

Do you go red instead of brown? Then, please see the option we have to offer.

Spray Tan Corporal (Exfoliate & No Moisturizer before Spray Tan) (from) 35 €

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1 session (from) 5 €
10 session 40 €


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Do you want the perfect LA smile that the celebrities have?

Are your teeth looking yellow due to smoking and drinking?

Then, we have the answer for you by using the latest in LED teeth whitening to give your that pearly white look.


One person (from) 140 €
Two person 250 €


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Painless and Safe! No knifes, no anesthesia, no surgery!

Cavitation helps treat cellulite, eliminate grease, helps to remold and resculpt your body. It is an alternative to liposuction, and causes to lose centimeters from the 1st treatment.

Our machine is ultrasonic/ultrasound. It is a non-surgical fat removal procedure with immediate results, which will continue in the reduction of fat up to the weeks following.

1 Session (from) 80 €
6 Session 400 €


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Power Plate is a favorite amongst athletes and fitness celebrities. Power Plate is a vibrating platform used for exercise. It engages muscles in a consistent, and controlled manner. Every muscle in the body is being ignited in ways that you can’t do with regular training.

1 session (from) 30 min
2 session

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A lymphatic drainage detoxifying treatment.

It is a controlled compression system, which operates using inflating pumps. It gives the following benefits:

  • Promote the body’s natural toxin cleaning functions.
  • Ideal for varicose veins, spider veins.
  • Improves circulation.
  • Reduces bloating and swelling, improves skin oxygenation.
  • Improve skin tones and firmness
  • Helps to shape legs and reduce cellulite.


1 session (from) 30 min 25 €
5 session 100 €

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Are you looking for a new look or a change? Don’t know what colour or style?

Then, our experienced hair stylists can help you. Our stylists have experience in cutting, colouring, bridal hair and much more.

Is your hair frizzy and out of control? Do you want that smooth, sleek look? Then, come and ask about our famous Keratin-straitening treatment.


Wash and Blow Dry (from) From 15€
Cut, Wash and Blow Dry 25 €
Full Head Highlights 65 €
Half Head Highlights 45 €
Additional Colour 10 €
Roots Colour 35 €
Short Hair Colour 40 €
Restyle 40 €
Brazilian Straitening with Keratin From 120 €
Perm Wave From 45 €
Conditioning Treatment 8 €
Repair Split Ends 50 €
Hair Up 30 €
Men´s Cut 12 €
Men´s Cut & Wash 15 €


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Is your hair fine and lifeless? Does your hair not grow? Are you losing your hair? Do you want length and volume?

We have a variety of option to give you weather it be long or short. We offer the best in 100% Indian Remi hair.


Weave / Weft
Bonding, Fusion
Keratin (Pre Bonded tips)
Micro Ring Clip On, Tape


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